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  • Providing more strength and additional bending resistance, our sections are made of two ½“ deep, horizontal grooves with alternating smaller grooves.

  • Very high corrosion-resistance due to its 24-gauge galvanized steel exterior, with a G40 coating (zinc galvanized with a minimum of 120 g/m2).


  • Structural elements of the sections are attached to the exterior skin by a Tog‑L‑Lock® joining system to ensure a more rigid section.

  • Made of 20-gauge galvanized steel, they provide more secure fastening for hinges and struts.


  • Clear single-pane glass windows, inserted in a molded PVC frame without a welded joint, will not fade over time.

Steel wall
Vertical stiles
Molded window frames

Panel construction - interior view


1 Steel wall

  • 24-gauge, G40 hot-dipped galvanized steel with six coats of protective finish
  • Baked-on polyester paint. Can be repainted
  • Woodgrain finish
  • Corrosion-resistant

2 2” (50 mm) door

  • TG-8024: non-insulated
  • TG-8524: CFC-free polystyrene insulation, ensuring a thermal-resistance rating of R-6.6 (RSI 1.2 or k=0.860 W/m2K). The insulation is protected with a PVC backing.

3 Sections are made of ½” (13 mm) deep grooves providing more strength to the door.

4 Tongue & groove joints between sections that fit seamlessly.

5 Continuous PVC bottom weatherstripping made of a U-shape and a semi-circular flexible.

6 20-gauge vertical stiles in galvanized steel attached by a Tog-L-Loc® joining system, with no welding and rivets, at hinge placement locations.

Door weight:
TG-8024: 1.28 lb/ft2 (6.2 kg/m2)
TG-8524: 1.42 lb/ft2 (6.9 kg/m2)


TG-8024, TG-8524 garage door colours


TG-8024, TG-8524 garage door - Grooved


Widths (In 1” (25 mm) increments) : From 5’ to 24’2” (1,5 m to 7,3 m)

Heights (In 3” (76 mm) increments) : From 8’ to 18’ (2,4 m to 5,5 m)


WindowsStandard Windows
1⁄8“ (3 mm) single glass,
see details below.
21” x 13” (533 mm x 330 mm)
Colour: White

Thermopane WindowsSingle glass (3 mm)Polycarbonate (3 mm)
Clear, Satin, Wired, Tempered, Laminated or TintedClear, Satin, Tempered or TintedSingle or Thermal (Sealed): Clear or Tinted


Steel tracks:

  • 2" (50 mm), 13-gauge or 14-gauge
  • 3" (76 mm), 12-gauge


 2" Commercial Light Duty2" Commercial Heavy Duty3" Industrial
 Light Duty Heavy Duty Super Heavy Duty
Welded, made of galvanized steel and secured with mounting brackets
2’’ (50 mm), 14-gauge2’’ (50 mm), 13-gauge3’’ (76 mm), 12-gauge
Reinforcement for horizontal tracks
2’’ x 2’’ (50 mm x 50 mm) steel bracket
13-gaugeDoor weight:
- under 650 lb (250 kg) = 13-gauge
- over 650 lb (250 kg) = 8-gauge 1
Door weight:
- under 650 lb (250 kg) = 13-gauge
- over 650 lb (250 kg) = 8-gauge 1
Galvanized steel
Industrial type
With ball bearings
Torsion type
10,000-cycle spring supported by a 1’’ (25 mm) 14-gauge steel tube10,000-cycle spring supported by a 1’’ (25 mm) 2 solid zinc-plated keyway shaft10,000-cycle spring supported by a 1’’ (25 mm) 2 solid zinc-plated keyway shaft
In galvanized steel, installed
on door sections
- From 12’4’’ (3.8 m) to 16’3” (4.9 m): 2 1⁄4” (57 mm), 22-gauge struts
- From 16’4’’ (5 m) and more: 3’’ (76 mm), 22-gauge struts

Hardware options Hardware
Precision end bearing plate 3For 650 lb (250 kg) doors and over, to provide stronger support for the opening system of the door.
Double hingesRecommended for doors 14’ and wider, for a more stable mounting system.
11-gauge hingesFor very wide and very heavy doors,
1 000 lb (453 kg) and over
12-gauge continuous angleProvides stronger attachment of the tracks on the wall.
1 1⁄4” (30 mm) solid shartProvides more strength to the spring system.
Bridge strutEnsures better resistance to wind load.
Safety bottom bracketsFor a safer door system. If the lifting cables break, these brackets stop the fall of
the door.
Tension bridge reinforcementFor very wide doors (18’ 3” wide and over), prevent warping of the steel door sections, meaning the curving of sections which can be caused by indoor and outdoor temperature differences.
Precision rollersMachined steel: recommended for heavy doors and dusty environments.
Black nylon: made of rigid plastic, they reduce the noise of the door in motion.
Rubber: ensure smooth rolling and are recommended to reduce the noise of the door in motion (ideal for condo or apartment). NB-SS: with a stainless stem, ideal for car washes.
C-shaped or bumper springsFor a softer stop, they are recommended for all manually-operated doors with a high-lift track or a full vertical track.
Pusher springsHighly recommended for large size doors with a standard lift with a Jackshaft opener installed beside the door. They ensure the good tautness of the lifting cables when the door is operating.
Chain hoistFor easier closing and opening of a door operated manually.
"Z" or "L“ style track guardsProtect the tracks in high-traffic areas (ex.: forklifts).
High-cycle springsRecommended for intense uses of more then 50 operation cycles per day. Vary from 25,000 to 200,000 cycles.

Documents to download

Technical drawing TG-8024 Icône Autocad  Autocad (108 Kb)


Technical drawing TG-8024 Icône PDF (100 Kb)


Technical drawing TG-8524 Icône Autocad  Autocad (108 Kb)


Technical drawing TG-8524 Icône PDF (162 Kb)

Technical Specification TG-8024, TG-8524Word Document (84 Kb)


TG-8024, TG-8524 Brochure Icône PDF (876 Kb)

TG-8024 and TG-8524 sectional garage doors are constructed with 24-gauge galvanized steel. Since they are available in non-insulated or light-insulation models, they are ideal for unheated buildings throughout the Scotland, ON region. Our customers often install them in storage spaces for items that don’t require being kept warm, like seasonal or exterior furnishings, equipment and vehicles.

At Knechtel Door Systems, our priority is to give our customers the best service. Our professionals are trained to repair all makes and models of overhead doors and electric door openers, such as those used in residential, agricultural, commercial or industrial buildings. They are full of pride on account of the many projects they have successfully completed throughout the years. They will give you quality workmanship, every time!


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